Trade with the power of
Artificial Intelligence

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What do we offer?

Improve your trading performance, thanks to the technologies and AI techniques developed by
the UniFox R&D team.

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Our AI algorithms use multiple AI techniques to analyze market data and impro ve performance, outperforming manual and quant trading with potential for better long-term results.


UniFox solution allows for hands-off trading by utilizing AI to place orders and monitor the market, providing all necessary information through a convenient dashboard.

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UniFox prioritizes ecological concerns in AI, finance, and blockchain and allows for active contributions to environmental organizations through its unique ecosystem project.


Don't let emotions and feelings like stress, fear or attachment impact your tradin performance and let our artificial intelligence drive you.

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Trade your favorite crypto!

We developed our algorithms in order to allow you to use it to trade your favorite crypto.
With leverage up to x3

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Available Exchange and Cryptocurrencies

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Why choose A.I.?


  • Few possible predictions
  • Linear
  • Intuitive, easy to copy
  • Cannot predict a probability of
  • No logical arbitrage of allocations between strategies
  • Traditional and limited data
    (prices, volumes, etc.)
  • Vulnerable to rapid trend change
    and low variance ("range") phases

Artificial Intelligence

  • Lots of possible predictions
  • Non-linear
  • Unintuitive, hard to copy
  • Can predict a probability of success
  • Logical arbitration of allocations between strategies
    depending on the situation of the portfolio
  • Possible use of alternative data (news, tweets, etc.)
  • Increased responsiveness to changing trends
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With its allocation system, set up your allocation the way you like and get your one-of-a-kind investment strategy!

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